Data aggregated on these pages are derived from systematic review and meta-analysis of published literature and official reports by WHO, United Nations, The World Bank, IARC Globocan 2012 and Cancer Incidence in 5 Continents vol.X. We aim to compile and centralize standardized data and statistics for analysis and comparison for HPV and related cancers at the country,regional, and world levels. Data include indicators related to HPV and cervical cancer prevention such as burden of HPV related cancers (cervical, anogenital, head and neck cancers); HPV-related statistics in cancer and precancerous lesions (cervix, anogenital, head and neck), genital HPV infection in men and women with normal cytology; cervical cancer screening and HPV vaccination practices, and other relevant data that include demographics, socioeconomic factors, cervical cancer co-factors, sexual and reproductive health factors, and immunization.

The database is updated on an ongoing basis as additional epidemiological information become available.

Information is available through:

Summary report - Allows user to request a summary report or a fact sheet at a country, continent and world level that presents some of the key data and statistics of HPV infection and cervical cancer.

Data query - Allows user to browse, view, query, and search the data available in the HPV Information Centre database and download data for user's own analysis.